If a tree falls in the woods

You have all heard the saying, “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, did it really make any sound.” The basic premise behind this is that without an audience, maybe there is no sound after all.

I am not sure how close you have to be to insure the tree knows you are there so it can produce a sound while hitting the ground. When I lived atop Willow Park, I would watch the trees fall in the big winds of spring.

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Reinventing Yourself

In my life travels, I have encountered people go through life seemingly stuck in some kind of time warp just slogging along in their daily grind with no hope of change to their lives.

They are in so deep they can't even think about a change to the daily grind. As someone who worked the same job for 32 years; went to the same church for 50 years; had the same friends and lived in the same town I was born in for most of my life, I understand how that happens.

I often had dreams of grandeur whereby I would sail the world's seas or travel to far off place but responsibilities of a family always took precedence over those kinds of dreams. I watched as others partook of the good life going to all kinds of exciting places. When I spoke of these desires I was always met with a resounding “NO” from my married half.

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Hair Raising Situation

Last week found me traveling out of the Valley on my winter sojourn to warmer climes in search of more fishing adventures. All was fine until I started down the east side of La Veta Pass where all of a sudden I lost the trailer brakes.

I pushed down hard on the brake pedal but if felt like a spoiled peach. Things soon got hot and the truck started shaking and bumping and grinding all over the highway like I did the last time I walked across the beach barefoot.

Only the truck wasn’t quite as loud as I was. My hair was standing on end and turned two shades whiter while Cooper slept on. That just shows you that dogs trust God more than we do -- or something like that.

A quick consult with the man upstairs was in order and He must of not been too busy this day as I was able to bring the entire rig to a halt at the bottom without incident.

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Trophy Wives

The subject of trophy wives is nothing new especially in the world of Hollywood, sporting personalities and men with considerable money. This is not to say that a woman can't have a similar love interest but in that case it’s called a boy toy. As Trixie reminds me, though, women with money generally do not want nor need a man as peace and quiet are their main goals.

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A Visit to the Chop Shop

A recent visit to the doctor set me up for some unpleasant tests and procedures that I was in no mood to go through. I don't know how doctors do it but it’s like one of those women who always discover projects urgently needed at the start of hunting or fishing season.

Perhaps it was a left-wing conspiracy to keep me from hunting or something like that.

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Free Heat

Like the old fable of the Ant and the Grasshopper, if you head up to high country these days you’ll see lots of “ants” preparing for the winter by cutting firewood – lots of firewood.

It seems every year about this time, as soon as the roads into the high country have opened up and the snow has receded from mountain slopes and valleys, pickup trucks carrying chain saw wielding guys show up in large numbers fulfilling their childhood dream of being a lumberjack.

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To be honest with you, Reader, earlier in my life I had judgments about people who played bingo night after night.  

Sitting for hours at a time in close proximity to overly-perfumed ladies and farting old men who yelled out the news of their win like some country auctioneer selling farm equipment never appealed to me. That is until Trixie taught me the finer points of life.

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