Cooper, the Mountain Dog

Living life as a not-quite seven pound Yorkie surrounded by tall people, tall mountains and tall jumps-up is not easy. But, Cooper attacks it like he is ten feet tall and bullet proof.

Raised in a house at about 10,000 feet, bears, foxes, deer and other creatures were frequent visitors. Bears, though, feared his bark. They would run from him like he was king of the mountain and, in his mind, he was.

He is Kevin's constant companion during even the most hair-raising and dangerous adventures. When Kevin fly fishes mountain streams, Cooper watches the rod tip to see when a fish bites. Then, once the hook is set, he'll fetch the fish from the water. He is the perfect first alarm sensor for when something dangerous is lurking nearby.

He loves an ATV ride. At first, he would sit calmly on a towel in front of Kevin. With additional experience, though, he now things he should ride on top of the steering column and headlight assembly. He always has his two front paws there braced for whatever they will encounter.