Reinventing Yourself

In my life travels, I have encountered people go through life seemingly stuck in some kind of time warp just slogging along in their daily grind with no hope of change to their lives.

They are in so deep they can't even think about a change to the daily grind. As someone who worked the same job for 32 years; went to the same church for 50 years; had the same friends and lived in the same town I was born in for most of my life, I understand how that happens.

I often had dreams of grandeur whereby I would sail the world's seas or travel to far off place but responsibilities of a family always took precedence over those kinds of dreams. I watched as others partook of the good life going to all kinds of exciting places. When I spoke of these desires I was always met with a resounding “NO” from my married half.

Now that the “nay” vote has been removed from my presence, I find that the only thing holding me back now is me. Well there is that small detail called “money” that does sort of hold a man back from the finer things in life like fishing in Fiji and hunting in Patagonia but when you are single the world is your oyster.

Now I don't even like oysters so not sure that's good either but at least there isn't that cranky, whiny, grinding voice of naysayer number uno in the background telling you why you can't do something.

When I met Trixie, I found a totally different type of woman. Not ever having had a husband to monkey with she had all kinds of time to spend on things that were exciting and fun. And not having kids meant she also had that elusive item that they bleed us of called “money.” She climbed high mountains, went to fancy parties, traveled the world and met neat people. I, on the other hand, raised a family, worked three jobs and pretty much knew a bunch of slugs.

So it was with great effort that Trixie tried to pull me out of the dregs of a mundane lifestyle and into a life of rhythm and pleasure. Or something like that.

But anyway, this transformation of a Midwest blue collar worker was underway and it was with great fear and trepidation that I embarked on a totally new life from what I had before.

I recall two different men I met that had the same kind of transformation. One was a mountain man character with long shaggy beard, buckskin clothes and made his living selling all kinds of trinkets and period items at Mountain Man conventions. I knew the guy for about five years and was shocked to suddenly find him at a Cowboy Period Convention all decked out like Buffalo Bill, a complete and utter transformation. When I asked him why he changed he said he just followed the money to the newest fad out there.

Another man I met at the Creede Gem and Mineral Show was a modern day miner and always brought his wares to be sold and traded. About four years into this gig he changed and boy did he change. No longer was he a miner 49'er but became as slick Willy as you could find anywhere. Gone were the jeans and old hat and replaced with black slacks, glittery bolo tie and slicked down hair looking like a modern art dealer of fine things. He also said he followed the money and changed.

Transformation is a word we all need to embrace at some point in our lives. When you finally figure out that you are not “stuck” in some proverbial rut but can turn the wheel on the truck that is your life and climb outta that hole and make a new path wherever you may wish, you are on your way to real freedom.

That may not be a huge change but just a different job or career would be a boost to some people. I never thought I would be traveling the USA in an RV and getting to fish and hunt full time either. But here I find myself, free from the constant barrage of being told “you can't do that.” It’s taking time I do admit but Trixie is starting to wear off on me, or is that “wear on me.”

She is always ready to go on some wild adventure at the drop of a hat and even in the midst of turmoil or problems sees the silver lining in the clouds. Ol' Dutch always found lead in those linings but maybe he was just looking at them without sunlight on them?

So take a gander at yourself and see where you want to go instead of where life is taking you. Michael Jackson sang about looking at the Man in The Mirror and making the change and it’s a great song with a great message. However, he may have taken that a bit farther than you may want to consider.