Huntsville, Alabama

Expecting 6 inches of snow and people down here are just not used to it. Will be a tough time for all concerned and we will stay in off the roads as its a nightmare after snow and ice. But, 60 degrees forecast for Saturday so God will take it up about as fast as He puts in down.

Met the neighbor and he has a nice Skeeter Boat and offered to take me fishing sometime. Otherwise I will wait til I get to Florida with Reed.


This week warmer temperatures are finally eeking their way across the nation bringing relief to man and beast alike.

It will be interesting to watch the winter kill numbers of wildlife found after the snows recede. I would think there will be a high fawn mortality rate in the deer and other herds due to the extreme cold and snows covering food supplies.



The Texas sun is now shining down
Prairie once was is now just a town
Huge tall buildings glass all enclosed
Where longhorns ran freely on hard cloven toes
Long years passed, and eons went by
Natives they lived racing across the vast skies
On ponies that came from eastern lands far
By a people who lived only under the stars
Lustful men west went their selfish intent
And from those brown hands the... land it was rent.
Tamed and controlled, the grass torn apart
Breaking will and also the heart
Of those who lived free out on the great plains
Left only bad water, left only their pain
Chased and harassed they herded them in
To fences and closed the gates a sure sin
Against that which is pure and good in mankind
The horrors they caused most people were blind
Families were lost a great legacy gone
In only a short time, they broke all the bonds
Built down through the ages, long heritage kept
Gone warriors and children and women who wept
For days of the sunshine the prairie alive
All for the wealth of some last cattle drive
Now men have come conquered the land has been tamed
And people look hard for someone they can blame
For water depleted for soil long worn out
The blame lies within them to that there's no doubt
To heal and to fix the pains they have caused
Is hard to imagine and gives me great pause
We ride toward a sunset unknown now the time
When man will finally seek the sublime
Will give up his quest for more and more toys
Become Godly men and stop being boys
Set hearts on eternal things and not today
Get down on their knees and humbly pray
For guidance for knowledge of how they can see
The way that brings peace and what is the key
To happy reunions, to hearts full of love
That only can come from a Father above.


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26 Christmas Poems of the Alphabet

Kevin's “A” Christmas Poem

Angels announce His bright coming
Adoration on every tongue
Amazing great power and glory
Accompanying Him on this Earth
Abolishing Satan's domain here
Abounding in grace and mercy
Acknowledged by men great and small too
Adopting us into His kingdom
Ascending as Lord over all.


Barnyard animals lo gently
Baby Jesus sleeps sweetly
Birthed in a manger smelling of hay,
Bathed and then swaddled in time for the day
Bold wise men came calling
Bringing gifts one and all,
Bright gold, myrrh and frankincense,
Brought to the birth scene
Between springtime and fall
Boyhood He grew to
Before long He showed
Birthright of Kingdoms
Being found in His love
Becoming the One
Blameless and all that we needed
Born Ancient of Days
Blemish He had not
Blood shed was so pure
Breach now He stood in
Between us and God
Bring all who are hurting
Burdens they share
Bestow on our hearts now
Blessings and praise.
Back one day He will come
Blazing lights in arrays
Becon to us ward
Beyond death's hard clasp
Blending our friends and sweet family alike
Buoyed by the power of his powerful mite.
Blessed sweet Heaven
Burns bright in the sky
Beginning of living
Before the Great King.


Christmas season brings winds that do blow
Come gusts that often will take off the snow

Crystalline snowflakes on every tree waiting
Cause icy slick streets that which men hating
Churches and schools will now have to close
Caring young mothers hot cocoa now flows

Children still playing snowmen creating
Cold weather causes some to go fainting
Caramel apples and sweet fruit juice cider
Chewy and warming our souls undivided.

Customers shopping in stores all aglow.
Choosing nice presents for Tom and for Joe.

Candles lit softly in windows so dark
Christening houses along Wembly Park

Cars drive past now, the ice makes it slow
Crafty old drivers still move in the flow

Cousins come calling sweet chocolate in hand
Cookies and mints and a nice candied ham.

Crafted home cooking all now in tow
Love flowing clearly to all those we know.


Delicious warm cocoa
Dobbed with marshmallows warm
Delivered from Santa
Delightfully Ho Ho.

Diva comes calling
Detailing my chores
Derailing my nap time
Disgustingly appalling

Dear friends and neighbors
Delivering good cheer
Danties and candies
Danny got a light saber

Dentures go flapping
Dads and grandpas talk on
Determined and happy
Dejected women still yapping

Dinner is served now
Drumsticks and bread
Duck stuffed in turkey
Desserts from Aunts endowed



Eastern star shown bright
Earmarking the site
Every know creature
Enthralled with the sight

Etheral sensations now
Eternally set
Endearing young shepherds
Ewes and young cow

Enveloping round Him
Enjoying the night
Eerie shadows from the fire
Embers now dim.

Each one's hear glowing
Etched memories clear
Edge closer to hearts now
Each one overflowing

Eternal salvation
Enjoyed now by all
Elated and happy
Ecstatic incarnation

Frankincense and Myrrh
Freely now given
For one so pure
Father was driven

For man He did reach out
Forgiving our sins
Foreboding and doubt
Foretelling our ends

Forever He gave us
Fortune from Heaven above
Forgetting and earning our trust
Fervently He dearly loves.

My "G" Poem for Christmas

Great grace and mercy
Great love now endure
Great things He has done
Great birth oh so pure

Greeting the shepherds
Greeting the day
Greeting all mankind
Greeting nobles dismayed

Glad happy tiding
Glad earth and sheep flocks
Glad for His coming
Glad even the rocks

Go cry Hossanah
Go cry out His name
Go cry out in Heaven
Go now with no blame

God lifted higher
God's name ever known
God now remains there
God on the throne....


My "H" Poem for Christmas

Heaven sent Angels announce His dear birth
Hauntingly wondrous appearing on earth
Hovering over the manger they say
Hallelujahs and glories, Great Ancient of days.

Hurts of the ages are suddenly swept
Hardness and pain so often men kept
Hidden inside them awaiting the day
Holy comes earthward a stunning display

Happy mankind now filled oft with joy
Holiday season about a small boy
Hand wrapped and swaddled in cloth oh so tight
Handed to mankind on that Christmas night........kk

My "I" Poem for Christmas

Indigo night was so quiet and calm
Inner flocks kept now so safe and so warm
Into this setting came God's great firm palm
Interrupting life and disturbing the norm

In great adoration
In loud songs of praise
In shouts of Hosanah
In heavens ablaze

Invaluable gifts sent from God's holy throne
Indelibly marking each man as His own
Increasing in power and His holy might
Instilled in His people relieving their plight

Incense and myhrr and great gifts of gold
Is what the brought Him that night we are told
I'd rather bring Him all of my praise
Imbedding in others for all of my days

Inching along now toward heaven above
Involved with my children who are filled with love
Illustrious display of His love now to me
Invested His Son so I might be free


My "J" Poem for Christmas

Joyous and happy
Joe and Jill be
Joined in such gaiety
Jumping with glee

Jolly old fellow
Just last night arrived
Jockey of reindeer
Jet pilot of the skies

Jackie will now have
Jacks and some skates
Janice will receive
Jumbled up plates

Johnny has been bad
Justice be done
Jury and his dad
Judging his son

Joking he tells him
Just coal is for you
Jewels are for mother
Joslins gave hue........kk

Kevin is trying to write poems about
King of the Ages who removed all doubt
Kinship among men who longed for the day
Kneeling before Him they fervently pray

Killed Him they did on Calvary's tree
Kindly He gave His life oh so free
Kneeling before Him we humbly pray
Know me Lord Jesus, be with us this day.

My "L" Christmas Poem

Long grows the night when men they lie sleeping
Learned and lowly, many are weeping
Lengthy relationships end with such pain
Lovers forgotten and living in shame

Lost to forever is family cast
Lawfully parting forgetting their past
Leaves come and go in seasonal rush
Lawns and small gardens unkept in the crush

Lenses now clouded to life's true design
Looking and searching for the sublime
Limbs of the winter hang woefully bare
Like love given up on with nary a care......

Babysitting The Baby

Grandpa preparing his heart for the chore
When just this evening he walks thru the door
To Teal and her antics of this i am sure
Home i go worn out, if i endure.....kk

My "M" Poem for Christmas

Momma now slaving over hot stove
Making my favorites of this I am sure
Muffins and turkey we raised and did grow
Made for good eating being farm pure

Minding our dads when time to wash came
My hands they did sparkle but dripped on the floor
Mindy and Sarah soon placing the blame
Mop and small bucket I went thru the door

Manly I acted while mopping the floor
Mess soon now worsens tears soon overflow
Merciful father looks quite absorbed
Measuring candy to grandkids in tow

Missing me being a part of the pack
Many come calling to see my demise
Murderous looks freeze me in my tracks
Moody old women of considerable size

Mercy extended of this I can smile
Muddy ole footprints track down the hall
Mandy my dear Aunt mops up the tile
Modern day hero who answered my call.......kk

My "N" Christmas Poem

Nurturing neighborhood nannies need nothing
Normal non mothers neatly not nasty
Noodles near nibbling no nots nor nil needy
Nonsense not nervous nasty knock knee...dy

My "O" Christmas Poem

Odors come wafting from grandmas hot stove
Old now like her now striking a pose
On bare wooden floors, linoleum spare
Oak wooden table and 4 cane back chairs

Only musings to take up her time where she pines
Once she wrote poems and some ryhmed
Omelets and bacon pancakes table fare
Oleo and jelly, she had always spare

Onery grandkids come calling some days
Ounces they weighed once now bigger they say
Onto their lives all of them go
Oblivious to danger and into the flow

Of worldly known dangers they carelessly tread
Onward and upward with nary a dread
One woman still praying or so they have heard
Open the book now and into His Word......kk

My "P" Christmas Poem

Paula went climbing Mt. Everest tall
Perfect adventure it was in Nepal
Proud Sherpas helped carry stuff clear to the top
Protecting the climbers so their lungs not pop

Packs filled up with jewelry was not the norm
Premium space was this wasn't the dorm
Packs that were stuffed tight clear to the top
Precious my girlfriend her boyfriend went NOT



My "Q" Christmas Poem

Quartz dazzling crystals of shimmering light
Quantity of snowflakes descending by night
Quaint old black snow sleds pulled by old Nell
Quality crafted from oak trees the felled

Quit your complaining about the night
Quilts wrapped round snuggly, kids safe and in sight
Quirky old uncles and aunts will come call
Quacking old hens then head to the mall....kk

My "R" christmas Poem

Round cold lonely manger the shepherds did stand
Ready and willing for any command
Rosy babe cheeks and ruddy brown hair
Rudely awakened by those gathered there

Rugged old cross awaited His plan
Rocky Golgatha atop it did stand
Rooted and grounded in God He did trust
Revealed in His glory He died just for us..kk

My "S" Christmas Poem

Softly and gently white flakes they keep falling
Sweetly and tenderly it's your name He's calling

Saved from the storms of life oh severe
Sweat from His brow and blood from the spear

Single hard nails pierced hand and His feet
Surely His plan now is now complete

Salvation for many and healing for all
Succored and nurtured redeemed from the fall

Songs of the ages do ring from the throne
Superb renditions we're never alone..kk

My “T” Christmas Poem

Turning things over again in my mind
Trying to recall the things I did find
Tougher and harder each year that goes by
Tips and reminders to help me reply

To bills and to other mail that I get
Touchy bleak subjects from where this boy sits
Television blaring from backgrounds nearby
Trying to sell me unwanted supplies

Teaching me lessons I dont want to learn
Taking my money and then I get burned
Treacherous shysters all lined up to take
Tiny amounts but then a torrent

Trends they do stalk me their wants in my heart
Trophies too mounted and that's just a start
Trixie wants veggies, such things she does eat
Trifling small details but they do complete

Truffles with chocolate and sweet M&M;s
Touch my lips better and run down my chin
Tongue rolling lightly with sticky delight
Tremendous good pleasure with every bite.

My “U” Christmas Poem

Understanding Christmas is not what you think
Underneath the glitz and dirty dishes in the sink
Uttering sweet Angelic voices sing
Unbelievable Hosannas to Christ the King

Unto us this day, a Child has been born
Under a bright star in a land or so foreign
Unclothed came He into this world on that night
Unbridled emotions had shepherds at the sight

Uncaring the world went about its own path
Unable to escape from God's fearful wrath
Unbeaten He finally hung on the tree
Undertaking the sin for you and for me.

My "V" Christmas Poem

Very long time ago in the past
Virtuous men told us a plan had been cast
Virgin was chosen King David's own kin
Valid descendent to bear all our sin

Valleys He crossed and mountains He climbed
Vanquishing Satan as God had designed
Vain glory he sought not striving to win
Victorious arising He soon comes again.



My ”W” Christmas Poem

Wondrous creation of God now sings praise
Words bringing Him glory, the Ancient of Days
Woefully failing to give Him His due
Wistful church goes just sit in their pews.

Working toward heaven they all seem to be
Wallowing sorrowfully in sins great sea
Would you receive Him in your Heart today
Winning salvation through Him on this new day.



My “X” Christmas Poem

Xeroxing programs a Christmas pageant soon being
Xylophones and toys drums soon will be ringing
Xenon bulbed fixtures shine down from above
Xeric like heating from old boilers screaming

Xyloid old manger passed down year by year
Xylene fed candles bringing good cheer
Xantham gum in the bags filled with treats
Xanthic and brown passed to kids in their seats.



My “Y” Christmas Poem

Y did I start this I really don't know
You will be happy when finally I blow
Yesterdays poems and random weird thoughts
Yearning and straining becoming distraught

Yes its a strange and unusual thing
Yakking with no real purposeful ring
Youth shake their young heads and wise men exclaim
Young man don't look on himwith disdain

Yorkie named Cooper he has by his side
Yelping at noises he loves to take rides
Yodel he does with coyotes at night
Yellow with fear if he catches sight

Yielding this floor to others on here
Yankees and Southern boys they may appear
Yearning they do for homemade jar jelly
Yammering old men with big ole fat bellies. kk


My “Z” Christmas Poem

Zombies have somehow become quite the rage
Zigzag they travel some kept in a cage
Zapped by some power they seem so sad...
Zipped up in old clothes all of them bad

Zits on their faces and flesh falling off
Zonked from the Sun all have a bad cough
Zinc colored guns the heroines possess
Za eating hippies they all do confess

Zebu are needed their meat we could use
Zouk music provided the girls we peruse
Zerks filled with new grease, the trucks start with ease
Zippy new models made by Japanese



A, B, C, D, E, F and G.
I have written these poems and now feel at ease
H and then I, J, K, L and M
I hope that I never do it again
N, O, P, Q, then R, S and T...
My girlfriend is thinking I might be cra....zy
U and then W, X, Y and Z
I hope you enjoyed them, I have to go pee.

Dodge City Christmas 1933

Even those of us my age can recall days when Christmas meant one gift of not too big of importance. Most of our presents were practical like new clothes or shoes that we needed anyway. We didn't have a lot of money and most people really didn't at that time. My dad said that until after WWII people didn't have much at all. You can tell that from the photos of those days and the houses don't have paint on them. People had no money for that. If you watch the Little Rascals the kids were super poor. My mom said they did that so people wouldn't feel so bad about their own situations.

My grand dad said people actually starved to death in Dodge during the Great Depression so times have been bad. Now ppl have more than they need and live way too high causing a lot of unneeded stress.

So here is memory of Christmas past from my dad of simple times. There was no insurance to buy, no rush to own 3 or more televisions, computers, ipads, and other stuff. We all think we need it all. Therein lies the problem. You cant get it all so ppl are not satisfied with life.

 When I was about 3 we moved out of my grandpa's house.  We moved to a house on Second Avenue, which was located a block west and two north of grandpa Kirks house.  I was a little two bedroom house, and was built probably 6-8 feet above Second Avenue.   It had a garage that was under the house and you could drive up a drive shared with the neighbors and turn into the garage.  It had retaining wall on the front and around the driveway .  One Christmas I remember we had a fir tree about 5 feet tall and mom had decorated it with lights and some icecles    Anyway we so excited because this was the first Christmas that we had our own tree, and that Santa Claus would come to our house. So finally the night arrived that we had waited, and waited and waited for, and we were put to bed.

     Sometime in the night I woke up and since no one else was up, decided to see if Santa had been there.  I believe that the tree lights were still on.  At least I could see that sure enough the old fellow had been there and gone and there was a tricycle just like I wanted and it was big enough for me to ride.  I went back to bed and had a hard time going back to sleep.  As I remember it, I never told my parents I had sneaked a look.


I believe this is my dad's sister Kay who died in childhood. But you can see the trikes of that day are nothing like today.

Dallas Texas Ice Storm

Recently I have been in the Dallas area visiting my son. When I arrived the weather was superb but I had to work on the boat that my son keeps for us and so I didn't get out on the lake when I should have.

Of course, about the time I got it all fixed up Texas had record breaking cold snap come through and it has been cold ever since. The lakes also are at record lows and very hard to access.

My friend Mike put in a small one man bass boat and had to drag it over the mud at the ramp and about killed himself getting in and out. I guess it was funny as heck. He gets a tad agitated and by the time he got done, the police had been called as bystanders thought he was deranged swearing at his boat. You have to know him to appreciate the humor in this but just imagine how it probably looked. He was covered head to toe in stinky lake bottom mud.

I was just east of Dallas and got about 1 inch of ice but at Denton, just north of town proper, they got over 4 inches of ice. The roads became impassable and remained that way for 4 to 5 days. The picture shows the interstate I-35 as a parking lot. They had to just park their trucks and cars and leave them for 4 days.

Its warming again into the 50's so even that deep ice will be gone fast. Prior to this the temps were in the 80's so the ground is still warm and will heat it up from the bottom up.

As you can imagine, people in Dallas don't usually get this weather so they just don't know how to drive in it. There were over 1,000 wrecks the first day. Good for the repair shops.


I-35 Interstate Highway North of Dallas

Doing Laundry in the OLD DAYS

Another post by my father Fred Kirkpatrick Jr. explaining how they used to do washing before the advent of automatic washing machines. The people back in the day used to work very hard at home just to keep ahead. The women usually stayed home however so it was better than today with women having to work then come home and still take care of a family.


While a boy I learned to do laundry the old fashioned way.  Not on the scrub board, I saw my mom do that, but with a electric powered Maytag.  It was not an automatic as we have now, but an honest to goodness washing machine. It required two tubs and our tubs had legs, which made it extra handy. 

     The washer consisted of a basin mounted on legs with the motor which drove the back and forth rotating paddle or roter in the basin and also produced power for the ringer which was located on one of the corners of the square basin.  This ringer which consisted of two rubber rollers would ring out the clothes you passed through it.  It had a handle on top which would reverse the direction of the rollers and a quick release handle in the middle in case you happened to get caught in the rollers.  This ringer mechanism could be rotated around to ring the clothes into different  rinse tubs which were pulled up next to the washer.  In this manner the ringer could be used to ring the clothes taken from the washer or either of the rinse tubs.  The washer would be filled with hot water and the tubs with warm and one with cooler water.  In the last tub we added bluing which gave the water a bluish tint and made the white clothes and sheets look brighter. 

     We would begin by washing the white clothes, and then the colors and then the jeans and overalls.  Sometimes there were multiple loads of each one, but the same water in the washer and the tubs.  So by the time you were through washing the water was well used.  As I remember it Purex was a favorite soap, and it was powdered or granular in substance.

      The clothes were rung from the washer into the first rinse tub, and thoroughly rinsed by hand.

They were then rung into the final rinse, the one with the bluing in it, and rinsed again and finally rung out and carried to the clothes line which were multiple  steel wires strung between close line posts.  The clothes were placed and pinned to the line with clothes pins, which were kept in a bag hanging on the clothes line.  There were two types of pins, both made of wood.  One was entirely wood and slipped over the clothes and pushed on to the wire.  The other pin had a spring

mechanism which held the clothes on the line they action of the spring.

     The water from the washer and tubs was dumped in either the sewer or sump.  We had a sump which operated by using fresh water that provided a suction for emptying the sump and the water was pumped on to the yard.  The only problem with that was that there was some soap scum which accompanied the washer water and formed a residue on the grass, but who cared.  The washing was done.  I didn't describe the starching process, but that's another story.

Flyfishing Lessons 2014

The details are still in the works but it looks like I am going to be able to offer fly fishing lessons as part of your stay at Aspen Ridge RV park. Of course there will have to be some ground rules about how long you stay and then the amount of time I can spend with you but all in all, I think I can offer anyone valuable information and tips on catching the elusive trout on a fly.

I will offer different classes with real time fishing on the area streams and also some lessons for those of you wanting to fish in the lakes.

This will be a good way to introduce you to fishing Colorado and actually go out and catch some fish. So check with me or Aspen Ridge RV Campground in South Fork for details.

The Fishing Pole-Dodge City, Kansas

Another story from my Dad. He was born in 1930. His dad in 1889 and his dad, 1854.

  Here is a new story:

My brother Ken,the head of the "secret society" or mafia or whatever it was called decided he needed a new fishing rod and had cased out the May Drug Store sports department and found exactly what he was wanting.  It was a wooden casting rod.  I have never seen one like it before or since.  Anyway he came by some money somehow, and asked if he could buy the rod.  After considerable coercing, my parents gave him permission.  He talked me into taking him to the store in our family car and he purchased the rod, which came with a reel. 

     He was so excited with his new rod that he asked me to go to our father's office so he could show the rod off.  We went into the office and my father and his assistant made over the rod to Ken's satisfaction. While all this commotion was going on an elderly friend of my father came through the door.  He joined in the admiration of the rod and asked to see it, and Ken handed it to the old gentleman who proceeded to pretend to cast with it while standing in a doorway and hit the lintel and broke the rod.  Both Ken and old man almost cried, and the old fellow just handed the rod to Ken.  He did end up digging around in his billfold and gave Ken money for a new one.  These "secret societies" are just not what they're cracked up to be.


The Cement Pond-Dodge City, Kansas, Park Street

This is a story bout the Cement Pond down on Park Street in Dodge City, Kansas. Another family remembrance for you all. The farm on Park Street had some acreage next to it that my great grandfather helped my grandfather to farm. It wasn't large but due to the close proximity to the Arkansas River and shallow water table, they were able to utilize irrigation at a very early time.

To water that land, they would use a large windmill to fill a swimming pool size concrete pool next to the house and uphill from the land. I think it was probably about 50 feet long and 25 feet wide and of course made for a great swimming pool for the area kids too albeit very cold water. When filled, grandpa could release the gate and the water then had enough head pressure to flow across the field.

The windmill was just outside the back door and there was a small shed around the base of the tower. Inside that house was a concrete trough where you could set cream cans and the flowing water from the ground being 50 degrees, would keep the cream cool and also butter could be left there wrapped up in cheese cloth to stay cool. The water then flowed out and into the cement pond.

That term later came to be very funny to me as the Beverly Hillbillies always referred to their swimming pool as a "cement pond". And to an engineer mind, cement is the dry material where as concrete is the poured in place hard material that pools are made out of so cement is just not the right word. So there you go. You have learned when to use cement and when to use the word concrete.

Pictures to follow soon


Cement Pond in background


Cement Pond in background


Windmill house to the right of the house just barely seen. Water flowed south to the cement pond, then west and south to the field.