Fishing Report November 6, 2014 Texas Fishing

Travels have brought me to North Central Texas once again and I have had the opportunity to fish a little. While this is not the best season for fishing in this area, it’s still good compared to many parts of the nation.

There are a lot of species of fish sought in the waters of Texas including freshwater and saltwater types. Probably the most sought after fish in the south is the Channel Catfish.

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Fishing Report October 23, 2014 - Lake Texoma

Once again I am on my winter journey across the Southern United States where I spend my time hunting and fishing in the various states.

Last week found me at Lake Texoma. This is a man-made lake formed after a dam was placed across the famed Red River. The lake itself is on the border of Texas and Oklahoma and a special license is required for all those who want to fish. It costs $12 and like most license fees is used in support of fish and wildlife activities.

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