Fishing Report October 23, 2014 - Lake Texoma

Once again I am on my winter journey across the Southern United States where I spend my time hunting and fishing in the various states.

Last week found me at Lake Texoma. This is a man-made lake formed after a dam was placed across the famed Red River. The lake itself is on the border of Texas and Oklahoma and a special license is required for all those who want to fish. It costs $12 and like most license fees is used in support of fish and wildlife activities.

The water in this impoundment is salty in nature and so makes the perfect environment for the Striped Bass found in the lake. The fish are very aggressive in nature and will hit most large lures and minnow baits with abandon making for some fun fishing.

I found some nice fish before I had to leave and they provided a great fight on the end of my line.

We then moved on to the Aubrey, Texas area. This is North of Dallas about 40 miles and yet has a nice country feel even though it’s close to the metroplex. Paula's Dad and cousin took me out on Lake Ray Roberts and we enjoyed a nice day in a pontoon boat catching catfish. They weren't large but bit well and we ended up with enough for a fish fry. No one can cook catfish like these southern folks and the hush puppies and potatoes that go along with it.

They returned to the same spot last night and had a great time with some more catfish and also found the lake's crappie. For those you familiar with this fish you don’t have to be told how good they are to eat. The meat is as white as you will find and mild to the point of not tasting much like fish at all. It is probably one of the most sought after fish especially in the South.

Moving on East of Dallas it was time to see the grand kids and hopefully I can take the oldest out fishing at the local lake. She is only three but can already cast her pole and reel it in which keeps a person busy with tangles and messes. Taking time to teach a youngster will provide them many years of enjoyment later as they master these skills at a young age.

I would encourage all of you to take a child with you the next time you go afield whether it be for hiking, hunting, plinking, fishing or any other activity. Only by passing on our love of the outdoors can we ensure the survival of our sports and also have the necessary funding through license and equipment sales to maintain a healthy population of game and fish.