Fishing Report August 15, 2014 South Fork Colorado

And, while you are out there, take your gear as fishing is still good. Poage Lake produced some beautiful Cutthroats last week. And this Tuesday, I took some younger relatives to Big Meadows. Armed with the newer bait that looks like a small rubbery pea in pink and rainbow colors on a number 6 gold hook, we limited quickly. Bubble fly-fishing was also successful thanks to the clouds and a slight breeze. (Don’t let the parking area discourage you, there is shoreline a plenty.) Other area lakes such as Beaver Lake, Road Canyon and Continental still producing limits for everyone I know. The creeks are also very good right now and small flies will let you have a great fly fishing experience. Cooper and I will see you out there!

Fishing Report June 27 2013

Today was a productive day and I spent part of it looking at TShirt designs and Hat designs for the Trout Republic blog followers. It was fun to try and design it with the tools on the internet and different manufactures. I will keep you posted when those are available and the styles and costs associated with each.

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