Fishing Report June 27 2013

Today was a productive day and I spent part of it looking at TShirt designs and Hat designs for the Trout Republic blog followers. It was fun to try and design it with the tools on the internet and different manufactures. I will keep you posted when those are available and the styles and costs associated with each.

Followed that with another great meal that Paula fixed for the RV park and then went down to the Rio to fish til dark. I decided to try a Rapala in perch color, size F-7 and F-5. Those were slow and I only got a few fish all evening but the strikes I did get were violent. The fish just are not getting on the hooks.  

I switched to two nymphs fished below two small split shot and drifted those but had no luck. One or two bites I think but the bottom often feels like a strike too. I put on a 1/80th oz brown maribu jig and tried that awhile too but no luck.  

The water continues to drop and is clearer than I have ever seen it in my lifetime. At least until late October. The word on the street is they are working on the Rio Grande Resevoir dam and so probably not releasing any water at all. I believe I can wade it most anywhere clear across the river and that's unheard of for summer flows. Rafting would be completely out of the question.  

I will keep trying the areas open for fishing but much of the mountain streams and the upper river is closed or hard to access because of the fires. It was a smoky evening and I can feel the affects on my lungs and eyes and throat already. I may take a side trip up to Salida or Buena Vista to get out of the smoke for a week or two and do some fishing on  the Arkansas River there. Keep safe and wet a line this week. kevin