Fishing the Rio June 23, 2013

The smoke has cleared out some and being tired of sitting around waiting for the next emergency announcement, I decided it was time to get back to my routine of fishing. I have a great place to fish on the Rio Grande close to town. The night began with strikes almost immediately but I could not seem to hang a fish. I was fishing with a Royal Coachman number 12 on top and a size 10 Prince Bead head nymph on the bottom on a 24 inch dropper.

After having numerous strikes and no fish on, I changed fly sizes but still lost almost every fish that hit my fly. I have no idea why this occurs unless they are just hitting short or it is instinct bites. I always thought that if a fish wanted to take a fly, they do so maybe the water was just too clear.  

They water has dropped about 2 feet in the last two days and that always puts the bite off and yes, the water was crystal clear making fishing tough early when there was more light around.

The smoke hung lazily up the river and the casting easy and regular. Suddenly a huge down draft materialized up the river and came rushing down the valley floor. It was almost impossible to throw a fly during the 20 minutes that this lasted. The mosquitos were out in droves and chased me up and down the river all evening. I saw few fish actually feeding on any hatch so assume that the hatch was all subsurface.  

I plan on taking a rapala and a spinner back up there tomorrow night and seeing if there is something to the bite that I am missing on flies. There are days like that and those are the times you have to just be thankful for being out in nature and a great end to a wonderful day.  

My girlfriend had made food for the entire RV park and we had a wondrous meal with great fellowship all around. Home felt good coming in off the river and a long hot shower put an end to a good day.  

So no matter your situation, make time this week to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and experience natures gift.