The Abundance of the Heart

From living many years on this earth, Ol' Dutch has noticed that if you give them the opportunity, people will pretty much tell you what they are going to do or have done.

In order to appreciate this phenomenon, you have to develop what is known as “listening skills.”

This is harder to do than one might think as it involves closing one’s mouth, which as Trixie is quick to point out, seldom occurs around Ol' Dutch. What she fails to realize is that I am trying to improve HER listening skills.

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Buck vs Doe

Hunting season has rolled around once again and Ol' Dutch is out in the field doing his best to provide meat for the table.

It’s bad enough to have to rise at the ungodly hour of 4 a.m. but to see Trixie lollygagging around like Sleeping Beauty is about more than this old hunter can take.

Chasing these elusive game animals this past week got me to thinking, which is an activity Trixie says is best left to people with experience. Determined and undeterred, though, I went ahead and struck out into unknown territory and began to peruse the differences between a buck and a doe.

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Valentine's Day

Way back long before people were concerned about someone's feelings being hurt, the teachers would have each of us decorate an old shoe box and set it in the window in hopes of getting a Valentine from our admirers. 

Choosing an appropriate message for 22 classmates out of 30 cheesy sounding cards was a challenge as you didn't want to give too personal a card to anyone except little Susi Doltmeyer who you hoped would respond in kind. 

The day would finally arrive when we opened up our cards and would find out that Susi didn't even give me a card but gave Jimmy Quazar a card and a chocolate bar

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A mind is a terrible thing

Having been single just a short while before discovering Trixie, I nonetheless perfected passive living --- life without agendas or expectations.

Men generally go along day-to-day with nary a care except for the immediate task at hand. Women on the other hand have this built in Tickler file system that tracks everything to be done for not only that day but years ahead too. They also have an uncanny ability to file away past experiences for quick reference should they need it.

This comes in handy for them when discussing something we men forgot to do or some faux pas we committed in the past. The things that we men have long forgotten are somehow kept in amazing detail in the female brain.

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