Losing your memory

If you hang around this world long enough you will find that the old brain box doesn't seem to operate quite the same as when you were younger. Creaking gears and grinding sounds emanate from your head when faced with the simplest of things.

This can start quite early if you have a number of children as you will catch yourself going down the list of their names when the time comes to discipline just one of them.

This makes you look like an idiot to your children as you say “Billy, um..Donny, er ..JIMMY quit doing that.”

I am here to tell all of you younger folks that it only gets worse with age. Finding a set of keys or your cellphone becomes a normal day’s chore even if they are in your pocket or in your hand at the time you are looking.

The first time I knew that I was in trouble was when I was talking to my son on the phone while gathering my things before leaving for church. One thing, though, eluded me. I told him “I can't find my damn phone.” To which he said “DAD, you are talking on it.” And to my amazement, I was.

Those of you who are afflicted with this dread disease called “old age” will relate to these problems and I am here to tell you that even though it is prevalent among seniors you probably don't have anything to worry about.

In an age where we live to advanced years, the rise of Alzheimer’s leaves us all in some fear of ending up with those symptoms.

A doctor in the family told my dad the other day not to worry too much about forgetting where your keys were as long as when you eventually find them, you know what to do with them. It’s the finding them and sticking them in the blender that should cause worry.

With the advent of the cellphone and more particularly the “smart” phone there is a plethora of applications that you can download and games that you can play.

One that I enjoy is online Scrabble and a daily contest of skills with both friends and strangers tests Ol' Dutch's mettle. I like to think I am pretty good at it as I win most of the time but then again, maybe I just have some easy opponents?

Try as I may, I cannot get Trixie to play that game with me and I guess she is afraid that Ol' Dutch will show her up thereby gaining the upper hand in our relationship. I had even thought about investing in a Scrabble game to use on the kitchen table so I could whip up on Trixie every day or two in person.

I have noticed that when I open up a game of Scrabble that I am involved in the board looks totally new to me. This gave me an idea. Why waste so much time playing against other people and having to wait on them to respond in turn when I could maybe just play against myself.

Those of you who watched the I Love Lucy Show may recall the time she was in court and was her own lawyer. She would bounce back and forth from the witness chair to questioning herself in third person.

So if you see Ol' Dutch playing a board game and changing chairs every turn you will know that he has given up on Trixie and has decided to play against himself.

One thing about it. I can't seem to recall the moves from the previous turn so it will be an even match.