South Padre Island 02/09/2016

Whacked and stacked the Sheepshead today. Small bits of shrimp on a #8 hook with one split shot fished down in the rip rap was lights out. I had 37 by the time I quit. No one else getting much and I think its due to using heavy rods and reels and line, hooks and sinkers. 

I was tightlining 12 pound test line on a light 8 foot rod. You had to feel the light tap and set the hook fast. 

Water still cool 60 but now the weather seems to have turned for better. 

South Padre Island

Been a wild winter with hunting deer in Kansas and then Christmas with the grandkids so have needed to get caught up. I have been fishing on the Jetty here quite a bit and so far getting some Whiting, Sheepshead and Pompano. 

Most have been caught on a rising tide and off color water with Shrimp Bites and a small piece of shrimp on a #6 hook. I like the smaller hook while others swear by a big hook so try it out and see what you think. 

Took a guided Bay Fishing trip today and results were dismal. Probably 15 Whiting and a few Sand Trout were boated by 15 people so not too good a day. A front was moving in so maybe that put them off. 

I plan on taking some more trips as its pretty cheap at $20 for 4 hours and bait and tackle are provided. Not bad for a day on the water. Its not my favorite kind of fishing but still fun. 

April 4, 2015 Offshore Fishing with Breakaway Cruises, South Padre Island, Tx


Unbelievable day with them today. They got us on the Red Snapper and my bait never hit the bottom before I had a fish on. Everyone on board had fish today and the fillets were awesome. One fish I caught got ambushed by a Mako Shark and it was a thrill to see him even though I lost my fish.  

Kudos to the captain and deckhand Frankie. They were both personable and did a great job. I think the regular price is $75 and that's a good value considering prices of fuel and boat expenses I think.

See if you can book a trip with them when you are in the area.