April 1, 2015 South Padre Island

I took the day off from fishing due to having to get my RV warranty work done. Heartland Campers are to be commended for their warranty department. Ron Scarberry is the best rep I have ever worked with. It took a year but finally getting it all done.

Delays were due to me being on the road so much and living in my camper full time. Found a mobile service and they did a superb job. Kudos to Sierra Rv in Port Isabel. THESE PPL ARE GOOD and efficient and fair.

Walked to the beach to fish a bit this evening but forgot my license so Paula and I came home and did some laundry etc. I did see Whiting and Sheepshead being caught down there so its heating up for sure.

I think a kayak or boat of some kind is going to have to come into the household before next year so I can access the flats in the bay.

Paula wants a paddle board and I also am thinking a Hobie Cat Sailboat and bikes. Have a great Triton aluminum trailer I can convert to hold it all. Living on the road full time makes for having a lot of gear a lot harder. have to plan more and find a way.