Class Reunion Lacking in Class

This time of year brings an avalanche of reunion invitations, usually from bored old classmates intent on bringing together friends and enemies from past school years. 

For some it’s a time to go and brag about all of their accomplishments but for others it only brings back all the fears and shortcomings they may have felt in their formative years.

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Character is lacking

It seems like in the last few years, there has been an increase in the numbers of people both in public and private life who lack what we used to call “character.” It is defined as “the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.”

Traveling across the great USA, I have noticed another kind of “character” that seems to be prevalent wherever you may go, though.

I think referring to a slightly eccentric person as a “character” probably goes back to my grandparents as I recall any time the conversation turned to someone of unusual traits that word was used. I think it’s probably a polite form of someone being called “nuts, crazy, wires crossed, screw loose, touched, batty, different or looney.”

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Raising the syn"tax"

Even though we have seen the government intrude into many aspects of our lives by taxing us on our “sins” such as alcohol, cigarettes and now of course marijuana use that's not the kind of “syn tax” this column is about.

Over the past 100 years, we have seen the English language evolve into a twisted morass of mixed up phrases and slang that changes so fast, it’s hard to even keep up.

New words come along as fast as new products come to market. Words like hashtag, pixel, iPad and Instagram all have been introduced to us in a rush of products and daily applications.

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The art of doing nothing

Up until about 1950, both men and women worked so hard there was little free time to be had. When people began to move off the farm en masse, the days of producing their own food and daily chores ceased. Well, at least for the men.

After 30 plus years on the job, I was forced to quit work due to an injury. Unlike most men, since I was divorced and didn't have a wife to drive crazy, I had to become a world renowned expert on “doing nothing” on my own.

My skill in this drives Trixie absolutely nuts as she is the ultimate planner and being a CEO type person, runs a tight ship.

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Resolve to dissolve

The new year is here and many folks are probably feeling the after effects of too much celebration. All too often, this is an annual occurrence and it seems that over the course of a year, we tend to forget just exactly what the morning-after feels like.


Of course no one wants to stifle New Year celebrations with their positive outlooks, hope for better days and time with friends. How else will we ever learn the lessons of over indulgence such as beer goggles, DUI's, close inspection of the porcelain throne and a maybe a compulsory fight or two?

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