Playing the Game

The past few weeks have shown us that there are certain rules to be adhered to when playing games of any kind.  

Such things as “collecting $200 when passing Go,” counting to 10 when playing tag or proper inflation of a football are rules we live by. Well, maybe not football inflation.

But thankfully this column isn’t about breaking rules but about “Playing The Game” in relationships. Oh I know those of you out there that are so blinded by love you can’t even see straight. An old Mexican proverb states “Love is blind but not the neighbors” and an entire column could be written about that. Ol' Dutch himself feels like love truly is blind and so you have to feel your way through it. 

Last week Ol' Dutch was once again called for combat duty baby-sitting the 3-year-old and 7-month-old granddaughters. 

The problem with showing yourself to be capable in any endeavor is that they then begin to count on you and trust you with their kids. When I first was called on to baby-sit, my son and his wife would rush out the door, have a quick meal and return home at a decent time. Now, after several nights when they have come home to find dishes done, kids asleep, laundry folded and stacked and an-all-quiet house, they’ve started hanging out to all hours of the night and I don’t even look for them before midnight.  

Having signed up for a Saturday night shift, Ol' Dutch had just about settled in for the evening when he got a strange text. Trixie had decided to keep me company with the granddaughters and she was driving on a muddy road and wanted someone to know where she was just in case. What muddy road I didn't know but was soon to find out. 

Thankfully, before the neglectful parents went out to eat, Trixie called and told me she was up to her fenders in North Texas gumbo mud and her progress was impeded. In other words, she was stuck. 

Of course it was dark and in the next hour with directions from her sketchy we finally located her Jeep and she walked out to her rescuers. Now in years past Ol' Dutch woulda plowed right on down there and tried to pull her out thereby ensuring we both were stuck. 

But even this brave soul has learned a thing or two and we left the car until morning. Trixie fussed all night about her poor decision of taking that road and then I had to respond with its “just a stuck car.” This went on for the entire evening running over into the next day as befits the “rules of the game.”

This woman who has climbed mountains and traveled the world extensively by herself played the part of the helpless and thankful woman to her man. This “ploy” allows her man to feel empowered for a few minutes in their relationship and also ensures he doesn’t get mad about the situation as he becomes “her knight in shining armor.”

The funniest part about this entire incident is that Ol' Dutch really wasn’t inconvenienced by the whole experience. The next morning, we walked in and drove out. Simple fix.

So the best advice I can give when dealing with your woman is play by the rules and don’t ever use an underinflated football.”