Fly FIshing Colorado 5/29/15

Was able to get out again yesterday and have been focusing on the smaller streams that are clear. Trout still biting well on flies there and had 13. 

Went on up to Big Meadows and got my 4 Rainbow Trout for a limit.  Paula has been making some delicious trout meals and they even surpass the Red Snapper in flavor the way she has been fixing them. 

The fishing was slower yesterday I did notice that. Weather and fronts and the moon phase makes a huge difference day to day so if you have a bad day, wait a few days and try again. 

Fly Fishing Colorado 5/20/15


I had a great day today and was able to fool 22 trout into coming to the net.  Fishing the South Fork of the Rio Grande River above South Fork, Colorado. Today I had a mixed bag of Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout and it was interesting to see what each species was caught on. I think all the Rainbows were caught on a Prince Nymph which is a sinking fly. The Brookies seem to be all caught on a dry fly and I was using a Royal Coachman in size 16.  The Brown Trout were a mixed lot hitting both on top and subsurface. 

The bigger fish were taken in the deeper runs and only on they sinking fly. I also tried a few of the BB shot Power Bait pellets and got fast bites on that although I was using a tiny hook and never got one in on that. The hook was just too buried in the bait for a hookup. 

The water was a tad off color but that didn't bother the hungry fish.