Fly Fishing Colorado 5/21/15

It was a blustery old day up on the mountain yesterday but I decided to push on through and try my luck. There were intermittent snow showers, some that drove me back to the truck for a break but all in all not as bad as I thought it might be. 

The fish were slower to bite but still had a good time and actually kept some stocker rainbows for the skillet. I prefer to keep them if possible and let the Brook and Browns go back into the stream. 

Toward 5 pm I went over to Big Meadows and tried my luck with a Rapala but with no bites. Fish were surfacing some but i didnt have a clear bubble to faux fly fish with. 

I tried some power bait balls and after moving around a bit, was into the fish on every cast. All went back in the lake except for the final fish for my frying pan. 

Fly Fishing Colorado 5/20/15


I had a great day today and was able to fool 22 trout into coming to the net.  Fishing the South Fork of the Rio Grande River above South Fork, Colorado. Today I had a mixed bag of Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout and it was interesting to see what each species was caught on. I think all the Rainbows were caught on a Prince Nymph which is a sinking fly. The Brookies seem to be all caught on a dry fly and I was using a Royal Coachman in size 16.  The Brown Trout were a mixed lot hitting both on top and subsurface. 

The bigger fish were taken in the deeper runs and only on they sinking fly. I also tried a few of the BB shot Power Bait pellets and got fast bites on that although I was using a tiny hook and never got one in on that. The hook was just too buried in the bait for a hookup. 

The water was a tad off color but that didn't bother the hungry fish.