Fishing Report June 11, 2014

This week found Cooper and me out and about testing the famous waters around the South Fork area and we were not disappointed in our results. Fish came easily to the bank at every spot we tried and it is very encouraging for summer to be a bountiful time for all.

With Beaver Reservoir drained for work on the dam, Big Meadows is going to take a lot of pressure this summer. For now however, the fishing remains excellent from the shore on the prepared baits like Power Bait or other brands.  My favorite is the little rubber like balls now sold in those same flavors as they stay on the hook so well and it’s easy to catch 4 fish without having to rebait.

My friends here in Aspen Ridge Park, Shot and Billie Stout, sampled the fishing in Big Meadows from a boat and reported not catching a single fish while trolling. They did catch a lot of fish from the bank after putting the boat up. Wind is a definite factor early in the summer and that day was no exception. So be aware that even though these mountain lakes are protected from some winds, they can become treacherous to small boaters.

The Stouts have also fished Road Canyon Reservoir and caught good fish all about 16” long from the boat trolling. For that trip, they used worms while trolling. Another friend caught an excellent sized trout just off the boat ramp using a Prince Nymph on a short leader.

I also fished some of the clearer streams around and found the fish to be hungry and caught them on Prince Nymphs in each hole I tried. It was fun to get the fly rod out as that always gets some of the old blood flowing again.

Another friend reported that her husband caught some nice Northern Pike down by Monte Vista. I am not sure where he was fishing but I have heard that the river there holds good numbers of Pike and they are fun to catch when hooked. They put up a great fight and I have even seen them tail walk in warmer climates.

The Rio Grande and other streams near South Fork are bank full of spring runoff and muddy in color. I don’t believe many fish are being caught from there but I see some of the guide boats on the River each day. If you are interested in a guided trip, The Fly Shop in South Fork and Pagosa Springs can help you with that. 

There are some who would look down their noses at fishermen and women who use bait and lures for trout and other fishing advocating a more “purist” approach to the fish. While I love to fly fish and will do so almost exclusively, I also know that fishing is for fun and whatever means you choose to pursue the Wiley trout or other fish, getting outdoors and being with family and friends is the most important part of the experience.