Grey Hound Racing Dodge City, Kansas

Yes, the Dick we knew in Hays was one of the boys.  My dad and Rex Reynolds used to pick up stuff from the locker plant to feed their grey hounds.  They had over 100 when mom and dad got married in 1929.  There was a single man, kinda the homeless type, who stayed at the kennels which were west of town on US 50, now Wyatt Earp Blvd., and helped take care of the dogs.  His name was Grover, and I can't remember his last name.  I went to the kennel lots of times with my dad.  

     Charles Cobb, who was also a grey hound enthusiast  and lived north and east of Dodge just south of the Saw Log Creek, built a fenced in course which was probably 300 feet wide by a quarter mile long.  They used real jack rabbits and would hold the dogs until a rabbit was released and see how long it took them to run the quarter of a mile.  There was a way for the rabbit to escape in the fence at the other end before the dogs caught them.  The were captured in a pen and returned to the other end.  We went to the race several times.  Charles Jr. and I were boyhood friends and spent lots of time on the creek.