Dodge City The Movie

From my father born in Dodge in 1930

     Yes, I remember the Lora Locke well.  It was across the street from the HAT BOX where my mom worked while I was in junior high school.  It was "the" hotel in Dodge and was just east of the Dodge Theater, where the movie "Dodge City" was premiered.  Errol Flynn, was the main character, and once in a while it shows on TV.  My folks and I and Kay went down and stood in the crowd on Walnut just across from  the theater and were there when the stars went in.  Dad held me up so I could see, but of course there was not much a little boy could see or tell anything about.

     I have been in the lobby, but never stayed there or anything like that.  I probably saw the picture, but if I did I probably didn't pay much attention.