Great Grandfather J.M. Kirkpatrick

Although I have written about him before, I thought I would put in a new story about him and my grandfather. We are unsure about the exact date J.M. came to Dodge City but recent finds date him there maybe as early as 1878 or earlier. 

Reading about the Dodge City War which involved Luke Short calling all the old gang together to keep from being thrown out of Dodge dated that in 1883. 

Wyatt Earp and the rest of the Peace Commission got their pics taken in 1883 and their presence pretty well settled the dispute between Luke Short and the mayor in Short;s favor. 

The pics below are of my great grandfather J.M. who was county attorney and lived up into the 1930's in Dodge City raising a large family there. Also see the Peace Commission in a now famous photo of the time. 

J.M. knew them all well and was lodge brother to many of them. He spoke often of them to my grandfather and he was able to pass this on to us as he lived a long and prosperous life in Dodge City.