Dodge City Band Shell

My grandfather was the City Engineer at Dodge City for many years and was instrumental in the development of the infrastructure of that town. It was growing during those early 1920's and 1930's and on even with the Great Depression things were happening there due to the work of the WPA. 

This was an attempt by the Federal Government to get men and women working during the times when there were no jobs and many civic centers, swimming pools, grandstands and other things were built to keep these men and women busy. 

The bandshell was built with just such labor and my Grandfather Fred Kirkpatrick Sr. designed the band shell at Wright Park. That structure, the racetrack grandstands and I believe maybe the pavilion were all built using this labor. I am unsure about the old swimming pool. 

It is still in use today and a beautiful addition to the park. Surviving many floods and other attempts to remove it, it remains a great addition  and a lasting tribute to his efforts to make Dodge City a great place to live.