November 20 Ecstatic Friday, following Paris attacks

For this normally optimistic gal, this has been a hard week. The news, my facebook stream, and life's casual conversations have all been about one thing: fear. Fear of terrorists, refugees, Muslims, police officers, politicians, each other. You know what I think about that? We are stronger than this. Don't give in to the manipulation from a handful of people. If you are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindi, Taoist or whatever, buck it up. Your faith should be your companion of comfort. If it is instilling fear in you, get a new faith. Kevin Kirkpatrick is fond of quoting his Grandmother Hoofnagle, "No person keeps their own life. That is up to God, himself." So, instead of allowing worry, anxiety and fear to creep up, listen to what I know to be true: you have a very little time on this earth. live it full. live it loud ... and most importantly live it with joy so that when it is your time to go, there are no regrets. And, that's my Ecstatic Friday. Namaste.