Lunch: April 27. Ode to Momma

Every few days, Ol' Dutch and I honor my mother by doing the thing she liked best: eating cheap (or better yet, free) food.

Today, I found a can of sauerkraut she had purchased for .25 at the Amish store in Monte, Vista, Colorado. While we were at South Padre Island this winter HEB gave away breakfast sausage and I had that in the freezer.

Thanks to some fennel, rosemary, garlic, red pepper flakes and a dash of sugar, the breakfast sausage became Italian sausage. It was then rolled into balls and cooked over a medium heat. Sautéed thinly sliced apple pieces and put to the side. Sauerkraut was added to the Italian sausage in the pan. Simmered for several minutes then served adorned with the apple slices. 

A wonderful German comfort meal which cost a whopping .85 cents. whoo hooo. Momma would be so proud.