Sunday lunch: Antelope Medallions in a Dijon Cream Sauce paired with root vegetables

My father never hunted for antelope so it's a new meat for me to cook. Today, I'm trying antelope medallions in a Dijon cream sauce and roasted root vegetables.

First, for the roasted root vegetables. Thanks to Candice and Tedd Hennigh, owners of Aspen Ridge RV Park in South Fork, Colorado, we've got pounds and pounds of yummy Colorado potatoes. I'm pairing that with a Vidalia onion, carrots, fresh thyme, garlic, parsley and salt and pepper. Covered with aluminum foil in my trusty toaster oven at 400degrees for 45 minutes. Then, 30 minutes or so uncovered to get them crisp. (I personally like a crispy exterior with a soft interior.)

Second, the antelope. What I'm using: enough pronghorn backstrap for 2 people (about a pound), a dollop of whip cream from a canister, 1/2 of a dollop of Dijon mustard, bourbon, salt and pepper.

Ol' Dutch and I discussed whether to beat the backstrap or not. Since I am eager to learn how anteleope responds to different cooking methods, I'm opting not to beat it. Will see how this turns out.

I brought the antelope to room temperature, patted dry and sprinkled with coarse ground pepper and sea salt.