Awning Supports and Tie Downs

Here are some pictures of the supports that we use to keep the awning from blowing away. The supports are made from a 1/2" conduit slipped inside a 3/4" conduit with a nut welded to the side and an eyebolt inserted into that nut to hold the 1/2 pipe up. This makes it adjustable and also easy to store in the down position.

The bases for these supports are simple conduit connectors attached to a shallow conduit box. This can be removed for storage when moving the RV. 

The hold downs for the awning screens are springs from trampolines found at garage sales. 

The supports have two diff types of attachments. On the end supports, I made a circular band from aluminum that goes around the awning roll. 

The center pole I attached to the awning roller with a single heavy self tapping screw. 

I do not have pics for these but the awning bows or awnbrellas are key to this setup as it leaves the fabric taught and bowed up so rain does not collect and the awning can be level across the front. These cost $65 each and you need 4 on a big camper. They are often on sale.