Fishing the Jetty

Yesterday the wind was howling but I went ahead and tried the fishing. Was slow for most people and again, light tackle was the key to success. I moved around some and finally found some Sheepshead willing to bite and finally had 14 but all were just under the legal length of 15 inches. I had live shrimp but they hit even pieces so not too picky.

Walking to truck saw a lady catch a Whiting so tried there with a gold spoon and got 4 bluefish but didnt keep any. They taste like a sardine and really oily. 

SO I changed to two hooks on my line with half oz barrel sinker above a swivel. Ocean currents will twist your line so swivels are mandatory for me anyway.  I was fishing with Fish Bites which is a bait impregnated in mesh and the orange color was the ticket. I ended up with 22 keepers and threw back at least ten. These are excellent table fair and white and tender flesh. They had eggs in them so the hatch is on. Will try that spot tomorrow when the wind changes back to the South. 

Paula's aunt Nell wanted some fish so filleted them out and got them in the freezer for her. Also had a couple sand trout but smallish. Also on the spoon. 

keep is short.