South Fork Colorado Fishing

I just got off the phone with my friend in South Fork and it seems that the lake fishing remains good on Rapalas or salmon eggs on a single hook from the bank. They have been to Reagan Lake and others and reports are consistent wherever you can access the lakes.

HOWEVER, the South Fork of the Rio Grande is showing signs of significant stress from the ash runoff. The huge fires at the headwaters of this river have coated the bottom with ash and she said she is seeing more dead fish every day. I look for a complete die off in this river due to the loss of bugs and larvae and she is even having water well contamination problems now since the river water and well water are really one in the same. There is gravel between them that helps filter the water, but still it can cross contaminate thru the gravel beds.

No news on the Rio Grande River but common thought among the wildlife people is that it too will lose most of the trout in it over the next few seasons. What a sad thing as that is one great fishing river if you know how to fish it well.