Fishing on Duck Creek, North of Dodge.

Below, you will find a story my dad sent about fishing on Duck Creek which is North of Dodge City, Kansas. I find it interesting to note that since that time, farming practices have pretty much depleted the water found in those creeks and streams just 50 years ago. With the advent of the tractor, terracing of the land and building of small dams on the draws, there is virtually no runoff to the streams. Enjoy a look to the past.

OK! Here is a Duck Creek Story.  Duck Creek is located about 8 miles north of Dodge City.  It was a popular place for young people to go and "get away from it all".  One time Grandpa Fred and mom went fishing out on the creek. The  creek had small dam in the place where Grandpa fished.  They caught some really nice bass and on the way home Grandpa dragged the stringer of fish through some weeds that a skunk had frequented, and low and behold when mom tried to fix the fish they smelled like skunk.  Grandpa was never fond of fish after that.  The land that the creek was on was leased by Grandpa and Rex Reynolds and they bought Chinese Pheasants and started them there.  They also stocked

the creek with fish. 

      I was baptized just below the dam when I was 14.

The picture that you posted was Grandpa in a boat on the creek.


How's that for a whopper?