Aunt Glenda Shoots Herself

Glenda Hoofnagle Shot Herself

Many of you recall Glenda, daughter to Mabel and Glen, my grandparents. She was sister to Sally Hoofnagle Kirkpatrick my mother. But you probably don't know her story.

Glenda was very popular in High School and voted most likely to succeed etc. She was pretty, funny, and extremely talented in designing clothing and a very good artist. About the time she was 16 or 17, she came down with Scarlet Fever. Of course in those days, they didn't know what to do for people and it ended up affecting her brain and she was never able to live alone after that. So she was always around my grandparents house as I grew up. In her early years, I can recall her as being very bright and still able to drive, worked downtown and was fun. She developed seizures at some point and fell a lot and hit her head so many times it was terrible. Just a sad life for her.

But anyway, Grandpa always had a bb gun by the back door for blue jays and cats and one day Glenda got in her head to shoot something. She got the gun out and cocked it and went to fire it and the trigger jammed against her finger. It pinched it severely and scaring her she began to scream. 'I SHOT MYSELF< I SHOT MYSELF.

Grandma and grandpa fearing the worst came running to find her with the bb bun hanging from her that's funny I don't care who you are. Its one of many stories about her that were so funny through the years.

She ended up living to a very old age and My dad and Mom took care of her for many years after grandma Mabel died. She lived out her life in a home. She was quite possibly the most talented artist I have ever known. I wish we had some of her drawings.