Hiking with Dennis

What a great hike Dennis takes us on this week as they see some interesting petroglyphs in the San Luis Valley.

We took a short hike up on the "D" hill in Del  Norte to pet the elk then we met Ken Frye at the museum to take his tour of the  rock art locations in the near area.  Ken took us to 5 different sites and  offered explanations of most of the figures and symbols for us.  All of the  sites are on private property and permission must be obtained prior to  attempting to visit any of the sites; respect the owners rights of the private  property.

I have added captions to most of the pictures  to try to inform you of the meanings of the symbols.  You won't have any  problem understanding the rattlers meaning........and I used a zoom  lens.

Wayne will lead us on Monday, Doug on Tuesday  and I will take you SNOWSHOEING on Thursday, so bring your shoes and dress  appropriately for a warm day.  I will bring 5 pairs of shoes for those of  you that don't have any shoes yet.....and some de-icer.