Kansas Deer Hunt

I had my chance this morning to fill the freezer and passed. Hunting, I found 7 mule deer does and when they finally spotted me, walked up to me within about 20 feet. I just didn't have the heart to shoot one. hah.

Mule deer are browsers and eat sage brush and other forbs and I never did enjoy eating them. So I passed and let them live another day. The mule deer herds here in Kansas have been decimated by poachers as they just stand in a field and let you approach. They are that dumb. I guess same in Colorado too. YOU wont catch any whitetail standing there looking at you for very long.

Last weekend they had an early doe season for rifle and that has the deer all stirred up and running. If I had known that I would never have come here to hunt. So, Paula on the way here and then we will move on for new adventures eastward.