Kansas Deer Season

I got to hunt one day with an Archery tag with my son and saw a buck but no shot that day. It was fun to sit on a stand again and watch the sun come up and go down that day.

Moved up to North Central Kansas to rifle hunt deer and usually its lights out hunting. This year my son came up and even though he walked all the canyons and he tallied at least 15 miles, he saw ZERO deer. 

Usually they are thick as fleas up here and seeing them along the road is normal. This year no one is finding deer and we think they are scattered out into the huge CRP fields and sitting tight. 

I got 4 tags again this year and unless things change I wont fill them. 

Kansas Deer License Deadline

For those of you wanting to hunt deer in Kansas this year, July 10, 2015 appears to be the deadline to apply for those licenses. They are all online this year so spend some time beforehand getting used to the process so you do not miss out on this opportunity to hunt. 

I hunted Kansas last year and was able to harvest a buck and 3 does and have been extremely pleased with the meat. There is NO gamey taste to it at all. 

I boned it out quickly and got it cooled and in the freezer the next morning. Weather was below freezing each night and perfect for processing meat. More on that in the next blog.