Deer Hunting Colorado 2015

Do your homework if you are fortunate enough to draw a coveted deer tag in Colorado as the numbers are sketchy in some areas while prolific in others and you want to have a good success rate. 

  The buck below shows what is out there however this ole boy stays in my dads back yard in town during the entire season.  

It takes at least 5 preference points to draw a buck tag in my area Unit 80 and that is pretty much the norm all over Colorado from my research. About 5 years ago, a resident could draw a buck tag every other year or 1 out of 2. So something has happened to the deer herd in Colorado in my opinion. 

Colorado Elk Hunting 2015

I have to say this was probably the worst season I have ever hunted for Elk in Colorado. The DOW officers also reported that there was a really low kill rate for my area in Southern Colorado. 

I have been bow hunting the past 4 seasons and its been a hard hunt each year but this year I saw even fewer animals than before. Every day I hunted both morning and evening so was in the forest for 30 days continually. 

Before the season I had installed game cams out in the areas I  hunt and was pleased to see both cows and bulls at the locations but there was no pattern to their visits. Two of the locations were heavily used every day but as the season approached the elk became TOTALLY nocturnal in visits to the wallows and other spots. 

I sat on them many hours and saw one deer twice but nothing else came in. The only elk I saw in daylight hours was a cow traveling fast between drainages and too far to shoot. 

Since I was up there every day I tried to talk to other people who were hunting and all reported poor success and seeing nothing. The weather was probably a factor as it was hot and that does affect elk movement. One group of 22 had two elk both of which were fluke events close to camp and when the hunter was not really ready. 

I was disappointed to say the least as I worked at this very hard. The people I know that are younger and can hunt remote areas reported the same lack of animals. 

The local DOW is saying there is a huge number of animals in this are but we are just not seeing them in the hunting seasons or when ATVing in the summers. So whether the fires had an impact on them or the dying spruce forests are causing movement out of the area no one seems to know but the results seem to show a difference from the Division of Wildlife numbers. 


Secret to Great Tasting Game

2013 Colorado Bear

I have always processed my own wild game and find it to be an enjoyable and profitable experience. First of all, having it done by a processing plant can costs upwards of $350 per deer and more for the larger animals like elk. 

My great aunt had her own butcher shop and so at about age 16 when I got my first deer, she taught me how to cut it up and package it and so I have been able to do that for myself each time I harvested an animal. 

There are also books and now YouTube videos that show you how to do it and so I believe anyone can learn. I don't believe you can make a mistake honestly so get in there and give it a try. 

Two years ago I shot my first bear and we were able to get it out of the forest and skinned an hung in about 3 hours. I processed it the next day and the meat was so mild I was shocked. Everyone we fed it to loved it and I believe it was the quick processing that did the trick. 

Last fall I harvested 4 deer in Kansas. These deer are corn fed and of great quality but quick handling of the meat is essential to a good product. I usually got them in the evening and would take them home and skin and quarter them out and lay them out in my dad's shed to cool overnight. The next day I boned them out and put them in the freezer. 

These deer are excellent table fare and again, quick processing is the key. 

Another thing I always hated about some processing plants is they do NOT give you back YOUR deer. Then just save a bunch up over the season and cut them up and divide the meat. SO you are getting deer that have been hauled around in trucks or left out in the heat and the meat is horrible. 

The expense is also a huge item for me as 4 deer would have cost me $1200 and all I had to buy was a small freezer for $149 from KMart online. It came out of Kentucky and I had it the NEXT DAY via Amazon. 

Our goal this year is to eat as much as we can from what I hunt and fish and  so far we have done a pretty good job of that. My girlfriend is an excellent cook and with her culinary expertise we never tire of the meals of wild game. 

It is also low in fat, has no feed additives or antibiotics so its good for you if you can get it. 

I will get her to post some recipes for you in the coming months so watch for her pages here on the blog. 

License Tag Drawing Results Coming Back

I got back my Bighorn Sheep application money today along with a Preference Point for that species. So i await the rest of the drawings to see how I came out. Was hoping for a Moose Tag this year. I believe I selected Archery for that and what a thrilling hunt that would be. 

My plans are for Archery Elk and hopefully draw a bear tag again. We cannot bait or use dogs on bears in Colorado so its a very challenging hunt and one of being at the right place at the right time. Bear in September are always on the move so its a hit or miss adventure often. 


Colorado Elk Season 2014

With a week of archery elk season under our belts I have heard of several nice bull elk being taken in the area providing healthy meat for the coming winter months and proving the success of the management process for the Colorado Parks and Wildlife programs.

While a few hunters have reported quick success, others are complaining of finding few elk in the areas they normally hunt. No one can ever guess the reasons elk move around in our huge forested areas but food, safety and numbers of people in the area have an effect on the elk.

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