Antelope Season Colorado 2015

The Antelope Season where I live in Colorado is a draw tag and it takes about 7 years or more to qualify for a buck tag. I think there are archery tags available but as you can imagine, that is a hard hunt and beyond my ability to do. 

This past year a friend of mine who farms got some game control tags to reduce the damage to his crops by harvesting some doe antelope. The farmers in the are either use those tags or sell them to hunters and its a good use of a resource that lets the owners of the land where these animals feed, control the damage to the crops. 

As you can see from the picture I was able to harvest a good doe and in fact had two tags so got to harvest an additional one as well. They were both full of barley and we found the meat to be both buttery and fine textured and very good eating. 

I believe their being in the grain fields makes all the difference in any game animal. When animals browse on sage brush and other weeks it really affects the meat quality. We had people standing in line at the suppers we cooked antelope and even the liver went fast. Never have I had such tender and sweet tasting liver from any animal. 

I look forward to another fall out there and hope my friend can get tags again as it has made for delicious eating so far. 

Bear Season Colorado 2015

Bear season was a complete failure for me this year. I had gotten mixed up on the application deadlines and ended up with a muzzle loader license. This was the first time I had ever used that type of firearm and even though I had one in my closet, I had never even fired it. 

So the learning curve was there and I got to where I could load and hit my target but finding a bear was hard. In that season you only have one week to hunt and unless you have spotted a bear earlier that is frequenting an area, you probably are not going to see one. 

The last bear I did harvest was on an elk carcass and there were actually 5 bears visiting that same elk meat. So that was a great hunt. This year I didn't kill an elk or find one dead so it just did not happen. 

Currently the laws in Colorado prohibit baiting and the use of dogs and the use of electronic calls so its a tough season in areas with a lot of timber. The game wardens tell me that in the areas with oak brush its much easier to see bears and stalk them. i may have to try a different location next year. 

Deer Hunting Colorado 2015

Do your homework if you are fortunate enough to draw a coveted deer tag in Colorado as the numbers are sketchy in some areas while prolific in others and you want to have a good success rate. 

  The buck below shows what is out there however this ole boy stays in my dads back yard in town during the entire season.  

It takes at least 5 preference points to draw a buck tag in my area Unit 80 and that is pretty much the norm all over Colorado from my research. About 5 years ago, a resident could draw a buck tag every other year or 1 out of 2. So something has happened to the deer herd in Colorado in my opinion.