Colorado Big Game Seasons 2015-2016

For those of you wanting to hunt in Colorado in the coming season in Colorado need to be aware of the fast approaching date for application for licenses. APRIL 7 is the cutoff day for turning in your choices for next fall and you can do that via mail or phone or online.

Its quite a process to choose the applicable hunt codes from the online brochures and care must be taken to get that right. I sat down and made a chart to keep all of mine straight.

This year I turned in for Elk, Deer, Bear, Antelope, Moose and Bighorn Sheep. The chances of drawing too many of those to hunt effectively is not high but if I do, I will have to choose what I hunt and let the others slide.

Moose hunting and antelope hunting is relatively easy there as the pronghorn stand out in open fields to be hunted and the moose are just a tad dumb. I always am limited in what I can do and how hard I can go but will hire what help I need should I be successful. That works well for anyone considering killing a large game animal in mountainous terrain. $100 to $200 is cheap when you consider how hard it is to retrieve animals. That's a good job for younger people with horses and ATV's.

I have had to learn to hunt smart since injured and also now must let others retrieve my game. The main thing is whatever your situation, work around it, don't quit.

Bighorns are also seen regularly within rifle shot from the area roads and are too tame from lack of hunting. So very few are taken each year due to limits that they are just not people wary.

Elk hunting is like whitetail hunting on steroids. They are very elusive and very spookey. One look at you and they might run 25 miles into new areas. I will archery hunt Elk again and have places close to roads so I can physically do it. Older, injured and smarter I had to make accommodations. I have an accommodation permit to use a crossbow and let me tell you, it does NOT shoot as well as my Mathews Bow but I just cannot pull that anymore due to permanent injuries. I thought it would be more like shooting a gun but it has a terrible trajectory and is heavy to carry. Luckily I found a few spots close to a logging road that have Elk close by and so can still enjoy a hunt although I have yet to connect on one.

The one shot I did get the KNOCK on the arrow was loose and so it didn't fire correctly. IF YOU GET NEW ARROWS CHECK THE KNOCKS AND INSERTS.....before the season. 6 arrows were glued and 6 not.

OUT OF STATE licenses are expensive these days as in most States. I was smart enough to get a lifetime hunting license in Kansas when I lived there and so can also hunt and fish there as a resident.

IF YOU are thinking of moving from a great hunting State, you might consider getting a lifetime license as that usually sets you up to hunt as a resident even though you move to another State. Check the State laws for regulations on that idea.

So $900 poorer I am entered into the next round of drawings. Some of that will come back in the form of refunds and some I took a Preference Point to be used in some future year when I have time or enough points to hunt a highly coveted area. Even if you cannot hunt this year, you may want to turn in for points for future years. You have to pay the full price of the tag but get refunded all but a few dollars back when the Point is assigned in a month or two.

Moose, Sheep, Mountain Goat are all $250 for a RESIDENT. I applied for Pref Point on Goats as I will have to be in better physical condition for that one and be able to hire a guide to help me as they are found in remote places. Not this year for sure. There are so few tags given for Moose and Sheep that the chances are low you will even draw and then you also get a Pref Point. For Elk, I have 15 Points and will keep building those toward the 21 needed in the very best unit then hire a guide to take me. For now I can get on over the counter Crossbow tag and have enough fun for me trying that.

I also have 4 deer points this year and am not sure what do to about that. My calendar is full and hate to use those points if I don't need to. Just talked to The Colorado Division of Wildlife and you CAN turn your tag back in for either a refund or a restoration of points used if you are unable to make a hunt you drew a tag for. So I will not get online and apply for the deer tag and if I get too many tags to use effectively or if my physical condition is such I cannot go, I can at the least get my points restored for future years when I might be better than this year.

Again, if you suffer from some disability, make allowances for it. Become smarter and use maps and roads more to your advantage to find areas where you can still access. Get a friend to help you and trade what you do best for his help or pay some local young men to help you or if you have the money, hire a guide. You only live once. This isn't an dress rehearsal.