Hiking With Dennis June 15, 2015

Wayne led us up the Archuleta trail, a spectacular venture in a beautiful setting.  The waterfalls and cascades are awesome to see and hear, all of that hydro power on display.


Prior to hitting the trail we took the opportunity to take our group photo in front of the mirrored images of the snow, trees and sky reflected by the lake surface.......first time I have ever seen snow reflected by this lake.


The beetle has killed a lot of the spruce; I think this is allowing more sunlight to reach the forest floor which in turn encourages the wild flowers and lower growing vegetation to flourish.....maybe?


I have some videos of the waterfalls, will try to compress them into smaller file size and send them out later.........


Doug will be leading a hike Wednesday, come out and find out where he will be taking you.  I plan on going from Shorty Spring to the La Garita creek crossing Friday, if the creek is negotiable then we will go on further.........Meet at the South Fork Visitors Center at 9 am,

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