Dealing with a Disability.

Some time ago, I was injured while at work and had to make some major changes in my life. After the seeing a lot of specialist, I was left with permanent injuries that I still suffer with today. Some further injury occurred from the treatment from the different doctors which I wont go into except to say they were serious and permanent.

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Fishing South Fork and Creede Colorado.

We have seen another excellent week of fishing here in the Rio Grande basin both from the shore, by boat and also wade fishing the streams. Power baits are all producing limits of nice rainbows in the area lakes. The newer styles of that bait made by Gulp which look like a small rubber pea are really easy to use and stay on the hook so much better than the standard power bait type formula. I recommend three of the pearl sized beads on a number 6 hook and about 3 small split shot to get it out and on the bottom of the lake. These baits last a long long time and if you use some good needle nose pliers, you will be able to recover your hook, bait and all from the fish you catch.

A good fly and bubble combo is also producing limits on days with overcast skies and a slight ripple on the water. My girlfriend Paula loves to fish like this and has done quite well lately fishing in the evening with this rig.  

Spinners, Rapala's, Needlefish and gold castmaster spoons also working well trolled or from the bank. A slow retrieve will bring nice fish to the net and make for a great meal if you so choose.  

Fly fishing is slow on most days as the rivers are low. The water is hotter than normal and the fish become sluggish in moving to dry flies. A good dry fly on top and dropper with a Prince Nymph still seems to be producing fish if a slow approach is used.  

For more or specific information, please feel free to fill out the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible. My goal is to make it easy for everyone to catch fish and have a great time.  

Nine pound Rainbow Trout caught on a Number 5 Rapala. Now this is a nice fish and very rare these days.

Nine pound Rainbow Trout caught on a Number 5 Rapala. Now this is a nice fish and very rare these days.

Brook Trout in the Rockies

The day began with some internet access to the Colorado Division of Wildlife concerning some licensing issues and after getting that straightened out, Paula and I went up in the mountains for some Brook Trout adventures. We found some tiny tiny tiny streams and I was able to catch and release 26 fish during the day. We didn't fish very long but the streams were full of fish. One place on Cross Creek the water was no more than 15 inches wide in a lot of spots and yet the trout were there hiding under the overhanging grass and under the banks. Most of this water is shallow but somehow they hang on throughout the winter seasons and are there to catch all summer long.

The fish ranged from 6 to 8 inches and one was just over 10 inches so although not huge, they are eager to bite and it makes for a fun day. One good thing about this type of fishing is the banks are level grade and you don't have to wade so people of varying abilities can fish easily.  

I didn't walk more than about 200 feet from the road today and it was a gorgeous day. Cooper enjoyed the fishing about as much as I did and he got to fetch in a few fish and chased them all over the shallows in the larger sections as I reeled them in. He ended up soaked to the bone and swam several deeper sections. Not your typical Yorkie I guess but I didn't raise him to be a house dog and he thinks he is a golden retriever at the least and a human at the best. All I have to say is, "I got one", and he comes running down the bank from wherever he is.  

All in all it was a fine day to be outside and the weather cooperated until about 2 pm when the rain showers formed up and we decided to head down to town. The fish are definitely biting wherever I go and all the people I talk to say the same thing. Today I was using a Royal Coachman in a size #16, divided hair wing fly. This is a fail safe pattern for any stream here and I can catch fish on it any day of the year, I believe.  

The brook trout were not big but current regulations let you keep 10 of them if you so desire. Pan fried 8 inch brook trout defy description in quality of taste and I would encourage you to get out and find these eager fish and have a nice shore lunch.  

There is nothing quite as good as a fresh caught brook trout over an open fire. You can bring a pan and all the fixins or do like I do and suspend them over the flames with a long green willow branch through their gills. They will grill up a wonderful and succulent meal. By leaving the skin on while they grill, the meat remains moist and has a nice red, almost salmon like flavor and color. More on this will follow in the blog about fishing a hidden lake last year and the great meal we had on the shore.

Time is awastin as they say, so get out there and find the beauty and pleasure in the outdoors wherever you are.  

Cooper the Yorkie fetching a Brook Trout