Colorado Spring Fishing Underway

Yesterday was a great day here in the Colorado Rockies. We took a short ATV ride as my 83 year old father had just purchased his FIRST UTV. A 4 passenger Kawasaki TREX. This looks to be a very good machine with solid doors and top and windshield. He did fine and we crossed a fast flowing stream with no problems other than I hit the kill switch on my machine right in the middle. Finally figured out what I had done and off we went again.

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Colorado Weather

Looks like my friends are getting hammered out there with the latest snowstorm. Its a godsend to the ski industry and also the farmers and wildlife for the resulting runoff that will occur next spring. This will make the fishing good, sustain the streams and renew many of the lakes there.

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Fall Travel

Its that time of year again when I hit the road to see the kids and find some fishing adventures somewhere farther south. I am living full time in my RV now and looking for a new one that is 4 seasons. When I began this adventure, I didn't think I would be living full time in an RV but alas, here I am now.

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Newspaper Column

This week marks the beginning of the Big Game seasons in Colorado and there is already a buzz in the air over the influx of hunters to the area. These hunters -- whether local or out-of-state -- bring in much needed revenue to the San Luis Valley. Although the first bow season opens this Friday, last week saw hunters arriving in preparation for their hunts.

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Hike with Dennis

Once again we get to tag along with Dennis as he leads a hike.



Wayne led us up the WET Tewksberry trail for 2  1/2 miles to the Chute where we had our lunch.  So many flowers and fungi  like never seen before at this time of year and all because of the bountiful  rainfall we have received!!

What a pleasure to enjoy the great outdoors  with a great bunch of folks to enjoy it with.  We welcomed a couple of new  folks, Connie and Tony from Kansas, they did very well for the first time out  with us, hope to see them again soon.....

Wayne is leading the group tomorrow to the top  of San Luis peak, the first 14'er of the year for the group.  We need to  leave South Fork at 5 AM to make the trek and hopefully avoid the rain and  lightning..............

We WILL hike to the top of Fox mtn on  Thursday, if we happen to trip over some mushrooms we will collect  at the VCPL at 9 AM, bring your lunch, water, raingear and a  friend....

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