Mudslides and Ash Flows

We have seen some roads washed out with the summer rains as the ground that burned in last year's fire just cannot hold the moisture any longer. Some tourist were caught behind a washed out road up on Hunter Lake road and had to wait for road crews to repair the road before they could come to town. Lucky the crews were already up there or they might have had to spend the night and walk out for help.

The Rivers are dark chocolate with silt and ash and fishing is off of course. The trout seem to be surviving but last fall all the fish I caught were really thin and emaciated looking. How much longer they can survive these conditions is unknown.

A few more big rains could trigger flash flooding according to authorities so be on the lookout for dangerous conditions and climb to high ground if threatened. Never drive thru standing water of any depth. It will go down if you wait and better safe than sorry is the mantra.