Hiking with Dennis 6-4-14

WE drove up to the end of the road above Coller area and then took off to the West on an old logging road.  We went by the old cabins and continued up to the bench below the peak. We picked up a horseback trail about 2 miles out and followed it until it went straight up a long, long hill.  We started at about 9200 ft elevation and stopped at 9960.

We saw lots and lots of wildflowers of all varieties; one place was literally carpeted with Heartleaf Arnica and Golden Banner.  The camera just can't convey how pretty it actually was.............

We drug a big rock far enough to attach it to a tree with a winch and sent it off the road; George it took 3 of us about 30 minutes to clear the road..

Please come and join us Monday, Wayne will be taking us on a great hike somewhere around South Fork.  Be there at 9AM with a lunch, water and a friend.