After a long winter away from Colorado I returned to snow showers and Christmas like scenes. Firs covered with light snow and a slight dusting on the ground was beautiful to see.

The rivers are high which is normal this time of year and I will start fishing as soon as I get my RV set up and the chores done. A garden spot awaits tilling and that will be included here as time goes by.

The local Beaver Reservoir has been drained for work on the dam and so that is one less lake for fishermen to try their skills. IT will be refilled next year and stocked and will once again provide years of enjoyment to the area visitors and locals.

The snow reminded me of when I left after hunting season as I hunted in some snow then too. But the aspens are budding now and soon green grass will replace the brown winter landscape still hanging on.

I think we probably saw over 100 deer on our short drive around the area last night and a large number are bucks whose antlers are just starting to bud out. Some are very large around at the base which indicates that there will be some great antlers grown over the summer. I think I saw more bucks that I have even seen percentage wise.

The temps are running 58 during the day and 28 at night. Frosty for sure but feels good after 101 degrees I was having when in Texas.

Once again I will start posting here daily if possible about the happenings here. There will be ATV riding, hiking, shopping, fishing, hunting and other outdoor adventures as the summer progresses.

There will be an outdoors days event at Aspen Ridge RV park in South Fork, Colorado the second week of July with a lot of booths and demonstrations there. Fishing tips, ATV dealers, food vendors and lots of other things will be there. Come join us for two days of fun and learn some new ideas for catching the elusive trout.

Also, the columns that I wrote for the 6 area newspapers will be featured in this blog in the near future and I hope to have this set up where there are categories so that visitors to the page can find the information they want more easily and not have to wade through the other information and stories.

So come join me for a summer of fun and adventure and funny happenings.  kevin