Cooper the Mountain Dog

I think I have had Cooper featured on some of the pages here but thought I would put in some new things about him for those of you interested. He is a 7 pound Yorkie and thinks he is ten foot tall and bullet proof.

Raised in a house at about 10,000 feet we had frequent bear visitors and he became their number one enemy. They would run from him like he was king of the mountain and I guess he was.

2014 May Snow in South Fork Colorado   

2014 May Snow in South Fork Colorado


He is a great little companion and when I fly fish along small streams is my constant companion. He watches the rod tip and when I set the hook comes running to help FETCH in the fish. I have saved several fish that came off the hook when Cooper grabbed them before they fall back in the river.

He loves an ATV ride and sides on the seat in front of me on a towel somehow hanging on thru ups and downs.