Colorado Spring Fishing Underway

Yesterday was a great day here in the Colorado Rockies. We took a short ATV ride as my 83 year old father had just purchased his FIRST UTV. A 4 passenger Kawasaki TREX. This looks to be a very good machine with solid doors and top and windshield. He did fine and we crossed a fast flowing stream with no problems other than I hit the kill switch on my machine right in the middle. Finally figured out what I had done and off we went again.

Evening found us fishing a small mountain stream and we located a hole where the fish had piled up below a waterfall. I don't know how many were in there but I caught a fish every cast til I was worn out. My friend Terry had on a spinner and with the addition of a nymph tied 12 inches behind that, he was able to catch over 25 fish. I had my flyrod and the presentation was slower and I counted 64 before we quit. Paula and Sandy, Terry's wife came down to the hole and they repeated our success yelling and screaming and having a blast. We did keep our limit for the day and will smoke them to eat.

The last ones Paula smoked were so good I think that's the only way I will eat fish from now on. I will try and get her recipe for you and post on here.

Feels good to be back in Colorado and looking forward to fishing and doing a little hiking this summer. Found out I have to take it easier due to injury but there is still lots to do for every age and ability in the Rockies.

Below find a picture of what Spring Fishing can bring to you if you visit the Rockies in May. It was fun to see but cold and miserable week or so.