The Texas sun is now shining down
Prairie once was is now just a town
Huge tall buildings glass all enclosed
Where longhorns ran freely on hard cloven toes
Long years passed, and eons went by
Natives they lived racing across the vast skies
On ponies that came from eastern lands far
By a people who lived only under the stars
Lustful men west went their selfish intent
And from those brown hands the... land it was rent.
Tamed and controlled, the grass torn apart
Breaking will and also the heart
Of those who lived free out on the great plains
Left only bad water, left only their pain
Chased and harassed they herded them in
To fences and closed the gates a sure sin
Against that which is pure and good in mankind
The horrors they caused most people were blind
Families were lost a great legacy gone
In only a short time, they broke all the bonds
Built down through the ages, long heritage kept
Gone warriors and children and women who wept
For days of the sunshine the prairie alive
All for the wealth of some last cattle drive
Now men have come conquered the land has been tamed
And people look hard for someone they can blame
For water depleted for soil long worn out
The blame lies within them to that there's no doubt
To heal and to fix the pains they have caused
Is hard to imagine and gives me great pause
We ride toward a sunset unknown now the time
When man will finally seek the sublime
Will give up his quest for more and more toys
Become Godly men and stop being boys
Set hearts on eternal things and not today
Get down on their knees and humbly pray
For guidance for knowledge of how they can see
The way that brings peace and what is the key
To happy reunions, to hearts full of love
That only can come from a Father above.


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