Bear in the RV Park

I had just settled in when Paula texted me that I had left my glasses at her house. Even though I was exhausted and didn't need them, I got up and walked over to retrieve them. I took a tiny flashlight with dimming batteries along and made the walk in mostly darkness, talking to myself all the way about what good the light was actually doing.

She came to the door and flipped on the light and there in the road next to my camper was a BEAR. I was so shocked and it took a few seconds for it to register that is wasn't someone's lab out of an evening stroll. I ran to my camper and got my 100 million candlepower light and we got to watch the bear as he ambled up through the RV park and out the opening in the fence. He looked at me with a total sense of disdain and sadness at the same time. He just wanted to be left alone on his travels, I could tell.

He was a small yearling and already has two ear tags from the DOW officers. That means if he gets in trouble one more time, they will have to put him down. They haul them far away but people feed them in town and the bears just cannot help themselves. Free, easy, high calorie food is too tempting. Then these same people complain when a bear is shot due to damages they are causing. Just disgusts me how they are mostly anti hunting yet cause the deaths of numerous bears due to their selfish acts of feeding them so they can watch them and then comment at the coffee shop about having a bear last night. That, is sick.  

But its part of life that we have them close to us as we have moved to THEIR homes and so its our fault when they come in conflict with us.