Bowhunting in Colorado

This past week has found me out and about hunting elk and bear with a crossbow. This is my first season in a long time to be able to bow hunt of some fashion due to being injured and not able to pull my regular bow. So, I opted this year to try a crossbow to get me out in the woods maybe more in a warm time of the year and in closer proximity to the animals I hunt.

I have tried rifle season and found it to be a mad rush with all the hunters pounding the nooks and crannies in search of elusive game and I just cannot keep up with that anymore. And its just not fun when an area is overwhelmed with hunters , its cold and a chance of snow on the ground.  

I do long for those old days when I could get out and do it but have to scale back and find a way to enjoy the seasons regardless of my abilities. One thing that is good about bow season is you can usually find places to hunt that are not jammed with people and that is the case this year. The weekend warriors are out and about and I never do mind their hunting in areas I am in as they only have so much time to do so. I also try and pass on sightings, tips and what I have seen otherwise to them when I talk to them.  

I do not know where the rut is. Last year on August 25th, the elk were already bugling and it was easy to find them at least. This year, its so quiet you can hear a pin drop up there. I have seen some nice bulls taken on water holes but those too are not producing like they should due to all the rains we have had and all the wallows are now full.

Bear hunting remains the same as always. Elusive. They are very nocturnal by nature so hunting a bear here without the use of dogs or bait is very hard. If you can find an old carcass of a dead elk or cow you can sometimes find them keying in on that. I have a carcass spotted and a trail camera on it now for about 5 days but no bears yet. All I have is the shot below of the MOO cow looking at the camera. hah.  

I walked across the RV park last night with a tiny, dull light and talked to my girlfriend Paula. When I turned around, there was a bear. Poor thing already has two tags in his ears which means if he gets in trouble one more time they will shoot him. That's part of the three strikes and you're out rule here in Colorado. He was just a yearling but the fur was gorgeous. Lots of trash calories and bird seed makes city bears fur so thick.  

I have had quite a few ppl emailing me with questions and I am able to get back with you on those pretty quickly. I love sharing what I know and will tell you what I don't know too if applicable.