Fires in the West

The western skies are filled with smoke and flames from recent fires and its a sad thing to watch entire regions destroyed. Most are caused by lightning strikes in dry timber as the summer storm move across the mountainous areas.

Here where I live in Southern Colorado, the danger from lightning is fairly high in the summer months and if you are out hiking or doing other outdoor activities, you must be cognizant at all times of approaching storms with the potential for lightning. The storms move in quite quickly and the smart outdoorsman or woman keeps one eye on the sky when afield.

I have had too many close encounters up here and with age, have gotten more respectful of summer storms. Move down off ridges and to lower places if caught out in the forest and hunker down to present a smaller target to the storms.  

The fires across the west rage on and the attached pictures are from Idaho. Its a major fire now and huge resources are in place trying to quell the flames.  

We have to realize as humans that living in the forests, we take on the risks associated with the dangers found there. Whether that be human/animal encounters or fire, flood, avalanche and other dangers, we choose to live in close proximity to those and there is a risk involved.  

I believe that a lot of people take nature for granted and don't really understand the dangers just off the paved road so often get into trouble when afield. This isn't Disney or Wild Kingdom out there so be safe and watchful to insure your safety and that of others also.