Bears on The Move

The bears are really on the move now with a lot of people having problems with trash cans being torn up and other damage being done by bears. I was at a meeting last night near South Fork, Colorado and almost everyone there had a bear story to tell.

Bears are experts at opening trash cans and refrigerators and amazingly strong for their size. They can even open a car door if motivated enough.  

I recall one day when I was up at Hunter Lake watching the moose there and came back to the car only to be derided for carrying a pistol while watching the moose. I have read enough about large game animals to know that when they are in the rut, breeding season, they can be dangerous. I always carry a pistol into the back country and recommend you also think about personal protection when away from the car any distance. Good pepper spray may work too.  

As the gentleman was chewing me out, Iooked past him and saw a bear on top of his car in the parking lot, clawing at the sunroof. Letting him finish his tirade about 55 years on vacation and he has never needed a gun, I calmly asked him what he was going to do about the bear on his car. He and his companions turned and all of them turned white as a sheet when they saw the bear.

They hollered and hooted and tried to get the bear to leave but he was intent on the twinkies in the front seat. Since my truck was near the car, I calmly informed them I was going to shoot into the ground nearby and scare the bear which I did and he slowly climbed down the hood leaving long claw marks all way.  

I looked at the man and told him to have a good day. He was still freaking out about the damage to his car and on a long tirade about how the FOREST SERVICE should pay for the damages as I drove away. hah.