Fishing a High Mountain Stream

My dad and I went up to a local stream today to fly fish. He is 82 years old and so we went to a good place that is easy for him and I to get down to the water. We didn't get to stay too long as the rains came and chased us back down the mountain but he did manage to catch a nice 12 inch brown and I had 7 browns all on dry flies. Today the elk hair caddis in a number 16 was the ticket altho I did get a few on a nymph dropper below the caddis.

We are going to try again on Wednesday morning and hopefully will beat the rains. The creeks are all up and running good and a litte off color making fly fishing a dream. When the water is too clear the fish get spooky and often are unapproachable.

My hip waders have a hole in then, I discovered, and I will need to patch them soon.  

In the short time we were there, I found a bushel basket of edible mushrooms so it makes the trip up there even more worthwhile.  

I will post some pictures here a little later in the day so you can see the type of stream where we were fishing. If you have questions fill out the form or comment and I will try and answer those for you.